Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire

It was a long summer day and I had nothing exciting to do, except lying on the bed and watching television, after watching an award show I switched the channel and went to this reality show called Who Wants to Be a millionaire, it’s an quiz show, where the tv anchor ask some general questions to the player and if the player clears all the level and then he get the ultimate prize of millions, and that’s how he can easily be a millionaire. Anyways I am huge fan of aussies slots, I kill my spare time by playing those, but at that moment my internet connection was not working properly so I added it to the reminder that when I am online I will look for the online slot based on the same theme.

The next day, I got my connection repaired and I was online looking for the pokie and luckily I found one with a similar theme and feel which called Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire. It is an amazing slot with single payline with 3 reels and had been crafted by the microgaming, and since microgaming is the king of slot makers I decided to give the pokie a try.

But before trying it, I took the privilege of having a look at its ratings, reviews and all. And I found that they were quite good, after that I decided to have a look at some tutorial videos as well on youtube. There I found videos in which one of the players were advising to play with the free spins first so I did the same and when I get assured that I can really make some bucks with it, after that I went for the real money. To buy credits I used my PayPal account and then hit the slot machine to make some real money and made more than I thought I can.

Wheel Of Plenty

Have you ever tried any pokie game ever? If no then you must try this one. I am giving my opinion on this because I played and then I came to know it is one of the best which I tried till now. I remembered that day when my friend forced me to play it, he told me I should try this one. so before playing it I thought to take reviews and the feedback from the other players, for which I could know that it is worth to play or not.

I was a beginner for this one so first I decided to play with some free version after that I would go for the paid mode. So first I downloaded its app from the internet then I sign up with this and made my account, after that I got some free spins for playing. I started play and I did good, all the free spins had fisnished then I bought more from the official site with the help of my paypal account.

This slot machine is really simple and easy to learn. If you are lucky then you justb have to put some coins inside it and you can get just double your bet. It is a 3 reel and one payline poker machinewhich is designed by the microgaming. You just need to spin the reel and if three same symbols are matched then you will definately win prize. The most basic symbols are candy apples, cherries, lemons and pulms and it will give two coins of each matched symbols. The next big amount you can win is goldfish and rubber duckies are the next level symbols which will provide you 4 coins and if you hit a row then you will get two thousand time the size of your coins. So try it your own and play safe.

Lovely And Funny Tigers Eye

There is no doubt that you will find many types of games and the concept of the event will surprise you. Last time when I made the search to find any event which would be based on the subject related to the wildlife I found many option to make the start. I was confused to see the results but I went for the one which was on the top of the list.

The game which I went for the play was Tigers Eye which is really the best one whichever I had went for. This one is featured with five reels and forty line of pay which is designed and managed by the microgaming which gives the option of betting up to five coins through each line. The meaning of this one is clear that the more you bet the more you will get the chance to win.

Theme of this one is based on the concept of wildlife of animal and you will love the properties and value of this world while going through it. RTP of this one is good which is about 97% and will get the feature of free spins too. Graphics of this one is crystal clear and you will love the colour combinations which are used to make it much attractive. You will get the chance of hitting the symbols which are also said to be wild and scatter one.

The max win can be made by hitting the wild one which is the logo of the Tiger’s Eye and you will get the returns in terms of art glass, jewellery and many more. You will lose in charms of light of the event. You will love the presentation because the icons of the animals are designed very funny. You will love this one if you are the lover of wildlife.


Adventures of Thunderstruck II

you know that the best place for the gambling is Australia? I was also not aware of this and came to know about all these when I was in Australia last year. My cousin is very much fond of all these and he is regular visitor casinos too. He insisted me to make my start with this world to have fun and entertainment.

He took me to the casino too where I tried my luck with the poker machine and really I enjoyed a lot. When I returned back to my native place and sitting alone in the room I was feeling bored so I made a call to my cousin and he suggested me go through online pokies. When I made the search I was surprised to see the result which was in bulk and was in dilemma of selecting the event.

On his suggestion I went for the play of Thunderstruck II which was good for me and also for them who want to go for the ride of online pokies. I went for the slotreviewand then tried the free play which I enjoyed and then made the download of the full app in my mobile and the event had been designed by the microgaming. You will get the chance to make the winin 243 different ways and will get much chance to make your luck. During the game I came to know that this was the advanced version of the previous one or we can say that this is the sequel of the Thunderstruck.

During the play I found many obstacles which were solved out by the help of my cousin. You will get many symbols which you can use to make arrangement and some of the symbols were traditional icons of the playing cards. If you are thinking of finding any cheats code which would help in getting prizes then don’t try to find so because you are not going to find any.


Find Free Online Pokie Machines & Have Fun With No Download And Registration, Apps Also Available for Android And Ipad Phones

Before yesterday, I was attending one my old friend’s birthday party in Busselton (city in Western Australia). I passed my two hours by introducing myself with his relatives. And then when it came to finish my friend said that I had to wait for minimum one hour, as he was gone to pick someone who was coming from Hawaii.

For a little time I enjoyed song which was hitting my ears very softly in that party. But soon I became bored with that music. And then I started to put some weight in my tummy because I felt that I was little hungry. I wanted to eat burger and some fast food. But before doing that one thing was still remaining that I wanted to do, actually I always enjoy eating while playing games since childhood. So before eating anything I grabbed my phone and started to search for free online games. Soon I found a link that redirected a page of casino.

There was a game named Jack in the Box, which was a micro gaming contest that allows many of slots in machine. I searched about that game and extract some information which was required to play. Soon I was registered on that page and I got some free chances too, that was a plus point I grabbed that opportunity and started to play. i really liked the thing that i didn’t have to download them, it was just like to search and enjoy the free pokies, few of them named 50 lion, indian dreaming and others.

It contained three reel and one pay line with different wild symbols like cherries and bar icons etc. I started to play and fortunately I won most of the games, soon I spent my all free chances and then for playing further I needed to bet, so I bet with minimum range of this event (it was like 0.25 dollar). While playing, mostly time I won so the range on which I was betting increases and it was increasing repeatedly as I was winning, it almost became ten dollar per game.

Then my friend called me for dinner, so I quitted gaming. I downloaded application for this game. And when I found free time I play that contest. I would really like to suggest this game all of you. This is really very interesting you will love to play.