It was a long summer day and I had nothing exciting to do, except lying on the bed and watching television, after watching an award show I switched the channel and went to this reality show called Who Wants to Be a millionaire, it’s an quiz show, where the tv anchor ask some general questions to the player and if the player clears all the level and then he get the ultimate prize of millions, and that’s how he can easily be a millionaire. Anyways I am huge fan of aussies slots, I kill my spare time by playing those, but at that moment my internet connection was not working properly so I added it to the reminder that when I am online I will look for the online slot based on the same theme.

The next day, I got my connection repaired and I was online looking for the pokie and luckily I found one with a similar theme and feel which called Who Wants to Be a Stallionaire. It is an amazing slot with single payline with 3 reels and had been crafted by the microgaming, and since microgaming is the king of slot makers I decided to give the pokie a try.

But before trying it, I took the privilege of having a look at its ratings, reviews and all. And I found that they were quite good, after that I decided to have a look at some tutorial videos as well on youtube. There I found videos in which one of the players were advising to play with the free spins first so I did the same and when I get assured that I can really make some bucks with it, after that I went for the real money. To buy credits I used my PayPal account and then hit the slot machine to make some real money and made more than I thought I can.