When you bet on a casino you have to know the limits of the house. Sometimes there are advantages and sometimes it is the worst thing that can happen if you compare it with others. In American roulette, for example, you will find a disadvantage for the casino of 5.26%, while in European roulette this disadvantage is 2.7%.

The opposite of the above is the dice and Blackjack. In them, the advantage that the house has is very quiet, less than 2% if the players make the best decisions and of course, they are very intelligent. The advantage of roulette cannot be compared to other games.

Why is the Household Limit on Roulette not so bad?Spins per hour

If you make a comparison between Blackjack and roulette, you can know if the roulette is really worth it. The favorite of casino games is Blackjack since the house advantage can be reduced well below 0.5% if you use a good quality strategy.

To prove that 0.5% is the margin of the house is better than 2.7% or 5.26%, it is not necessary to be an arithmetic specialist. Even if you are the worst Blackjack player, the house advantage can only increase up to 2%, which is not so bad.

Something that is not taken into account by roulette fans is the number of spins per hour. It is not the same as the hands per hour that are played in Blackjack.

The spins you can see in roulette are 60 per hour, this is a classic roulette. In a packed game, you can find about 30 to 40 turns per hour. In the minimum Blackjack, you can win in a bet will be 60 per hour, and the maximum amount will be at 200 per hour.

To explain it better in a financial way, imagine that you are betting $5 on European roulette, with an average of 40 spins per hour on the wheel. You can only lose $5.40 per hour if you bet $200 in the game and with 2.7% in the house advantage. You can also imagine that you are an excellent Blackjack player and you are going to reduce the house advantage by 1%.

If you bet $5 dollars per hand and there are approximately 100 hands per hour, you will lose $5 dollars per hour. Most likely, with Blackjack, you are saving about $0.40 per hour, but there is a problem and that is that the advantage of roulette is not the worst when you consider the number of bets you should make in the other games.

Prison Rule

When you use the prison rule you have the opportunity to reduce the advantage of roulette much more than if you made less spinning roulette. With that, you can spend less money, something that is very beneficial. This prison rule is applied in European roulette with money bets, with black or red, odd or even and low and high.

A fun casino game

Roulette can be the same as Gung Ho, as long as it is not as competitive, by providing the advantage of the lowest house. With that advantage, you can make a combination of roulette and other casino games without worrying about losing.

Likewise, the house advantage can offer you the opportunity to earn much more money each time. In online casinos, you can earn countless bonuses while on roulette, which can be beneficial and win a lot when you go on a good run.

Some say that beating roulette is very difficult, if you ask this question in a forum or a mathematician, you will answer that in addition to being difficult it is impossible to do in the long term.

However, in a few visits to a casino, you can beat roulette, even if it isn’t for a long time. Even if you throw the chips randomly or use a very special system, people will always tell you that there is no possibility, that it will be a loss, that it is not profitable. The truth is that no matter the way you play, you will lose 2.7% of your total bets on roulette in the long term and this is known for the advantage of the house.

Anyway, the game of roulette, although the house has a famous advantage, is very fun, both amateur and professional players always like this game. It is also a classic among casino games. The advantage you can have in online casinos is that you can play everything you want from the comfort of your home. However, you should take into account all the advice given above.

Consider the percentages that have the advantage of the house. You should always do your analysis of how much money you will lose according to the amount you are going to bet. You must also be a good player, and retire when you are losing a lot.

In any game, you can experience good streaks and bad streaks, when you are on a good streak, you should take advantage of making good bets to win lots of money. However, if you have a bad run, it is better to leave bets on time before losing too much money.

It is true that gambling is risky, sometimes you earn a lot and sometimes you can lose everything. But it is also true that they are very funny, that roulette has its charm. The mere fact of the expectation to know what the winning number is is enough to want to play. The small differences that exist between American roulette and European roulette are very exciting and can be overcome.

The excitement of a brick and concrete casino has no comparison, but neither does the convenience of an online casino, where you can play from your home or from wherever you are without interruptions, in tranquility.

You can get the snacks you like best and without spending much. That money saved can serve you for your bets. The graphics and the sound of roulette and all casino games are spectacular. You will really feel like you are inside a brick and concrete casino.

Fun and full entertainment are what you will find in an online casino, to balance the possible losses in roulette, try the other games and win a lot of money while you are having fun.